Born in 1963, Ross Cockford grew up in Alberta, attended UBC law school and practiced as a trial lawyer in downtown Vancouver representing stock exchange promoters, Iranian refugees, and Scientologists. He moved to eastern Europe in 1990 and taught English to supreme court judges and film animators, and also became a staff writer for The Prague Post. He returned to Vancouver and started freelancing, serving as the arts writer and editor of Victoria's Monday Magazine, 1997-2001. He has also taught nonfiction writing at UVic and the Victoria School of Writing.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: editing, teaching journalism

AWARDS: silver National Magazine Award for sportswriting (2003), Jack Webster Award of Distinction (2000), Western Magazine Award for business writing (1998)


Victoria: Secrets of The City (co-author); Arsenal Pulp Press, 2000

Victoria: The Unknown City (author); Arsenal Pulp Press, 2006

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