Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Jen Currin has also lived in Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, New York and Colorado. She attended Emerson College, Bard College and Arizona State University. She has taught creative writing in Vancouver for Langara College and the Vancouver Film School, and online for the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. She followed her first book of poems, The Sleep of Four Cities (Anvil, 2005) which uses the city as a metaphor for the complexity of self, with more mystifying images and perplexing narration in Hagiography (Coach House, 2008) and The Inquisition Years (Coach House, 2010). Her work is both dazzling and obtuse. A poem called 'The Sexual' in The Inquisition Years ends: "It starts with smashing perfumes bottles on the floor, then blowing on microphones. No one wants to talk about the erotica of the absurd-but what sort of room spills wine like this? You took classes on Shakespeare & dated volunteers. She had been lying, & would continue to."; As the Talking Heads put it, stop making sense. Hider/Seeker (Anvil 2018) is her debut collection of fiction stories.


The Sleep of Four Cities (Anvil, 2005)
Hagiography (Coach House, 2008) $16.95 978-1-55245-197-7
The Inquisition Years (Coach House, 2010) $16.95 978-1-55245-230-1
School (Coach House 2014) $17.95 9781552452899
Hider/Seeker (Anvil 2018) $20 978-1-77214-117-7

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