Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Sister Eileen Curteis entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Ann in August 1961, at age nineteen. For 27 years, she was involved in education as an elementary teacher and also principal for eight years. She subsequently delved into the eastern healing art of Reiki as a Christian teacher and practitioner of it and continues in that healing ministry today. Eileen is also the producer of three films and seven CDs.

As a point of interest, she is related to the Curteis family after whom Curteis Point takes its name near Sidney.

Synopsis of Sister Eileen's poetic and artistic work:

Risk (The King's Men, 1975)
Sojourner, Know Yourself (Sisters of St. Ann, 1993)
Moving On (Ekstasis Editions, 1997)
Wind Daughter (Ekstasis Editions, 1998)
Dance of the Mystic Healer (Sisters of St. Ann, 2001)
Soul Travel: A Roadway to Healing
(Sisters of St. Ann, 2002)
Reiki: A Spiritual Doorway to Natural Healing (Trafford Publishing 2004). This autobiographical story has now been republished under a new title: Reiki: A Miraculous Journey Into Holistic Healing (CBC Publishing, 2015)
Face of A Gypsy (Ekstasis Editions, 2007)
Witness For Our Time (Fideli Publishing, 2008)
Soaring Souls: The Dawning of a New Era (CBC Publishing, 2009)
Exposed (CBC Publishing, 2018)
Mountain Mover (CBC Publishing, 2019)

Sister Eileen's Reiki I and II Manuals and her Advanced and Reiki Master Manuals have been published in both English and French. (CBC Publishing, 2011 and 2018 for French translation).

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