Dave Butler is professional forester, professional biologist and photographer. He was born in Penticton but now lives in Cranbrook, B.C. Butler is the Director of Sustainability for Canadian Mountain Holidays, a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Dave Butler's first novel: Full Curl, a Jenny Willson Mystery was published by Dundurn Press in September 2017. It was short-listed for the Unhanged Arthur in 2015 (Crime Writers of Canada), and is the first in the series. In Full Curl, Park Warden Jenny Willson discovers trophy animals missing from Canada's national parks. She initiates a complex investigation that leads her on a trail of deceit, distraction and murder. With the list of murder victims (both animals and human) growing, Willson's trail leads her across the Canada - US border in a race for justice.


In Rhino We Trust: A Jenny Willson Mystery (Dundurn 2019) $14.99 978-1-45974-087-7

No Place for Wolverines: A Jenny Willson Mystery (Dundurn 2018) $14.99 978-1-45973-983-3

Full Curl: A Jenny Willson Mystery (Dundurn Press 2017) 9781459739031 $14.99 Cdn

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