Having self-published a how-to book for yachting enthusiasts, Buying the Right Boat, and two travel books on the Caribbean, No Shoes Allowed and Gone to Come Back, Dutch-born Jan de Groot of Langley wrote his memoir of the German occupation of Holland, A Boy In War (Sono Nis 2008). He writes for De Krant, a Dutch newspaper distributed around the world to Dutch emigrants. 978-1-55039-167-1 $13.95

The Riddle of the Raven (Sono Nis, 2011) is de Groot's memoir about a 140-foot sailboat (specifically called a 'gaff-rigged ketch') that he purchases to provide sailing adventures to under-priviledged children. Built in 1920, the boat turns out to be haunted by the ship's original owner, who was crushed to death between the ship and the dock.


Buying the Right Boat
No Shoes Allowed
Gone to Come Back
A Boy In War (Sono Nis 2008; 2014)
The Riddle of the Raven (Sono Nis, 2011) 978-1-55039-183-1 $19.95

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