Brian Dedora was born in Vernon, B.C. in 1946. He lived in Vancouver prior to moving to Toronto. He has operated a gilding business specializing in the reproduction of historical Canadian picture frames and the gilding of both new frames and furniture for collectors, museums, and art galleries.

A SLICE OF VOICE AT THE EDGE OF HEARING (The Mercury Press, 2008) was shortlisted for the reLit novel award, 2009.


Early publications:

1976-77, The Dream, A Posteriori, distributed by Kontakte Press
1978, The Circle
1978, Periodics, #4.
1979, He Moved
1983, What A City Was, Underwhich Editions
1985, A Table of Contents, Surrealist Poets Gardening Assoc.
1986, The Mouse, CURVD H&Z
1987, White Light, Aya/Mercury Press
1989, In the Bushes Under the Bay Window, Pink Dog Press
1989, With WK In The Workshop (William Kurelek memoir), Mercury Press

Later publications:

2008, A Slice of Voice at the Edge of Hearing, The Mercury Press, Toronto
2011, A Few Sharp Sticks, Mercury Press & Teksteditions, Toronto
2013, Lot 351, Teksteditions, Toronto
2014, Eye Where, A Book of Visuals, Teksteditions, Toronto
2015, Lorcation, Editorial Visor, Madrid
2015, Lorcation, BookThug, Toronto
2015, Two at High Noon, Nomados Literary Publishers, Vancouver


1978, Aurora, Doubleday, Toronto
1979, Aurora, Doubleday, Toronto
1987, Yarmarok, University of Alberta, Ukrainian Studies, Edmonton
1988, Love & Hunger, The Mercury Press, Toronto
1994, ARC 32, ARC Magazine, Year of the Family Issue, Ottawa
2007, The Closets of Time, Teksteditions, Toronto
2012,Permission to Speak, Teksteditions, Toronto
2014,What is the Sound of Smoke, Teksteditions, Toronto
2015, The Boneshaker Anthology, Teksteditions, Toronto

Small & limited editions:

Silver Birch Press, The Berkeley Horse, Nos. 4, 8, 20, Conclusion, Huge, Antipastos.

CURVD H&Z, The Limited Edition, May 4, Better Sentence Writing Made Easy, Hand job (to name a few).

A B.C. CHILDHOOD, w/bp Nichol, 1982, grOnk FINAL SERIES.

What, 1985, Feb/March.
What, 1986, October.


The Symposium of Linguistic Onto-Genetics, November 20/21, 1981,
# 9 Davies Street, Toronto.

Frames, January 16, 1982, # 9 Davies Street, Toronto.

"The Frozen Gesture/The Fractured Image";, with Michael Dean, January

The Back-of-Own-Head Experiment, May 5, 1985, CN Tower, Toronto.

L'Affaire Pataphysique, May 18, 1985, ARTCULTURE RESOURCE CENTRE, Toronto.

Yardstick, Festival of Performance Art and Poetry, The Music Gallery, Toronto, 1987

Essays & Lectures in the Visual Arts:

The Abstract Workshop, Internet newsletter, 2005 - 2007, Vol. 1, numbers 1 - 5, Vol. 2, numbers 1 - 2.

Curated Painting Vancouver Modern: Abstract Expressionism, exhibition and lecture to benefit The Vancouver Heritage Foundation, November 27, 2006

Curated Painting Vancouver Modern II: Hard Edge, exhibition and lecture, to benefit The Vancouver Heritage Foundation, November 28, 2007

Guest speaker to AGM of Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada,
(CPA Canada), How to Build an Art Collection, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2008

The Necessary Frame: William Kurelek as Picture Framer, William Kurelek:
The Messenger, essay for retrospective catalogue, 2011

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