Born in 1940, Dheilly is the author of Timber Talk: As Heard in the Woods of British Columbia (West Vancouver: Waterwheel Press, 1995), a book of logging terms with illustrations of logging equipment and hand signals. As a Squamish alderman, she began to realize the advantages of 'local colour' and its fascination for tourists. "We began to work to have large murals done in our town, and I also began to dream of a restaurant or pub with fellows in plaid shirts or Stanfields in stagged pants serving 'Panicky Bell's Specials', 'High Rigger Hi Balls', 'the Power Monkey' shooters and other aptly named items." Her interest in logging as a cultural tradition in the Squamish Valley led her to publish her glossary, dedicated to her husband, a logger. She was encouraged to undertake the project by Gordon Elliott, an editor from Simon Fraser University's English department.

[BCBW 2003] "Forestry"