Denise (Deni) Dietz was born in New York City (Manhattan). She had a short-lived singing career, taught briefly at Flushing High School in New York and worked as an extra for Paramount. Her sister Eileen Dietz, who had a starring role in General Hospital, has influenced her writing career, inspiring two novels about behind-the-scenes stardom and television, The Wishing Star (2003) and Fifty Cents For Your Soul (2002).

The first book in her Diet Club Mystery series, Throw Darts at a Cheesecake, was inspired by her part-time job as a Weight Watchers lecturer. Diet club members are murdered when they reach their desired weight. It was followed by Beat Up A Cookie, dedicated to Alan Alda and concerning a group of M*A*S*H* addicts. Another mystery featuring diet club leader Ellie Bernstein is Chain a Lamb Chop to the Bed (Five Star Mysteries, 2005).

Her first Ingrid Beaumont Mystery, co-starring Hitchcock the Dog, was Footprints in the Butter, with some of the profits donated to Canine Companions, an organization that trains dogs to help the handicapped. Her historical romances include Dream Angel, Dream Dance and A Highwayman Comes Riding. Written under the name Denise Dietz Wiley, her generational saga The Rainbow's Foot includes the Cripple Creek gold rush, the Ludlow Massacre and Colorado's silent film industry. Her forthcoming mystery Eye of Newt features a contemporary witch and three witches who live in Salem. Her short story Yes We Have No Bananas is contained in the 2003 Silver Dagger anthology Criminal Appetites.

Dietz married to Gordon Aalborg, who has published romances under the pseudonym Victoria Gordon. They met online 'through a writers loop', and have collaborated a romantic suspense novel, Finding Bess, written on-line, when he was living in Australia and she was living in the United States. See entry: Gordon Aalborg.


When Deni was in the third grade, she wrote her first story, THE Denis as a kidPENCIL WHO GREW UP TO BE A STUB. Although the assignment was to write a one-page story, using an ink pen, Deni wrote a five-page story, first-person...and she used a pencil. Whereupon, she received a failing grade for not following orders. Just like her heroine Jenny, in STARS OF FIRE, and her fictitious diet guru, Ellie Bernstein, Deni doesn't follow orders unless they make sense.

Years later, after Deni had enjoyed a short-lived singing career and acting career, she sat at her typewriter, flexed her fingers, and pounded out her first culinary mystery: THROW DARTS AT A CHEESECAKE, inspired by her part-time job as a Weight Watchers lecturer. In the Walker, then Worldwide, then Kindle novel, diet club members are getting killed off at goal weight and eating as if their very lives depended on it. The second book in the series, BEAT UP A COOKIE, revolves around a group of M*A*S*H* addicts and is dedicated to Alan Alda.
Deni in Damn Yankees

Deni in 1`963Switching to a computer, Deni hit the bestseller list with FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER - an Ingrid Beaumont Mystery co-starring Hitchcock the Dog. She followed that success with her stand-alone, FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL, her "reluctant witch mystery," EYE OF NEWT, and the 3rd and 4th books in her diet club mystery series, CHAIN A LAMB CHOP TO THE BED and STRANGLE A LOAF OF ITALIAN BREAD.

Cloning herself into historical saga author Mary Ellen Dennis, Deni wrote THE LANDLORD'S BLACK EYED DAUGHTER, STARS OF FIRE, HEAVEN'S THUNDER, and THE GREATEST LOVE ON EARTH.

Married to Aussie/Canadian author, Gordon Aalborg, whom she met on-line through a writers loop, Deni, with Gordon, collaborated on a romantic suspense, FINDING BESS, and moved to Vancouver Island, where they were adopted by a chocolate Lab named Magic.

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