"When the paramedics arrived I watched dispassionately as they draped my recumbent remains in a sheet and transferred them to a stretcher." -- from Celestia Déja Vu

Margaret Duguid O'Neill was born in B.C. on July 28, 1916. She graduated from UBC with a BA in 1936, and with a Master of Library Science from U.of Cal., Berkeley, in 1964. She worked at Humboldt State College,1965, then as cataloguing librarian at UBC until summer 1968. After a year in Europe writing two children's novels, she worked as librarian at the Cranbrook high school for nine years. Retiring and returning to Vancouver, she studied pipe organ for seven years, joining the Royal Canadian College of Organists. She was the UBC Women's Club pianist and accompanist for the choir for 17 years. Duguid O'Neill's self-published futuristic fantasy novel is an affirmation of her belief in eternal life. Celestia Déja Vu (Burnaby: Pentview Publishing, 1996) is subtitled "a fantasy of life after death and the transmigration of souls to the celestial solar system."



Celestia Déja Vu (Pentview Publishing Company, 1996)

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