Phinder Dulai has given readings and talks on Canadian literature, with an emphasis on migrant voices, for schools, colleges and universities both in and outside of Canada. He has worked in print journalism in Vancouver's South Asian media and was an associate producer for Gabereau Live. His poetry has been published in Ankur, Rungh, The Canadian Ethnic Studies Review, and the Toronto South Asian Review. Excerpts of his poetry have been featured in the Vancouver Sun and The Globe and Mail. For many years he worked for the BC government and lived in Burnaby with his wife and two daughters.

In 2016, he received news that his book written in response to the Komagata Maru incident and his life in B.C. called "dream - arteries" was selected for use in B.C. high schools. In response to this news he wrote:

"I remember the first time I discovered poetry - it was grade 11 high school English and it was when we read The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock. This was in Pitt Meadows where I and family lived.

"I have always thought that in the midst of some of the most vulnerable moments for a teenager during those high school years, there is always some space for one to escape to and my English classes were this for me; that and post punk and alternative new wave music from the 1980s.

"Those were very tough years for a coloured kid, a teen that sat at the back and did not say much or feel intelligent, but the years did provide lessons.

"Now BCERAC has reviewed and recommended dream / arteries for high school courses throughout BC in the areas of language arts, social studies and social justice.

"This is significant. I think I might be the first South Asian of Punjabi descent whose book has been included, both this year and any time before; I am so grateful to the ERAC evaluation team for so clearly identifying the potential strength of where dream / arteries might inspire and live within the teachable moment; also important - this is where I have made home, this is where I have spent the most significant amount of my life.

"Being sanctioned in this way means a lot for me given the anecdote I offered above; particularly because the focus of dream / arteries span across an arc of thematics; as had my previous books. I am hopeful that through this institutional curricular adoption and recommendation, the perspective I brought to consider the documentation of the Komagata Maru and other sections of the book will result in good paths to learning for students and some material that can be moved into a dynamic teaching moment."

In 2017, Dulai became Poetry Editor for Canadian Literature Journal.

CITY/TOWN: Burnaby

DATE OF BIRTH: May 10, 1967

PLACE OF BIRTH: Great Britain



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