Karen Dyer writes as kc Dyer.

In her Finding Fraser (Lions Mountain Literary, 2015), Emma Sheridan is 29 years old and done with waiting for her ideal boyfriend. The only true love she has ever known is a fictional character from a book, so she sets out to find her idealized man in the flesh. Leaving her life as a Chicago coffee bar manager behind, Emma drops everything and embarks on a journey through the Scotland highlands in her quest to find "her"; Fraser.

As part of her Eagle Glen trilogy about time travel, Seeds of Time tells the story of Darrell Connor, a young girl struggling to find her way after the loss of her father and her leg in a terrible accident. Unwilling and unable to adjust to a new school, she slips through a 'fabric of time' and emerges in 14th century Scotland during the Black Plague. In a follow-up volume, Secret of Light, Darrell and her dog Delaney discover another route into the past when they investigate an abandoned lighthouse. This time she slips backward in time to Renaissance Italy where she meets an aspiring young artist named Leonard da Vinci. In the final installment of the trilogy, Shades of Red, Darrell visits the reign of Henry VIII and become a confidante of Anne Boleyn and sees the insides of the Tower of London.

In A Walk Through a Window (Doubleday 2009) a young girl named Darby reluctantly spends a summer with grandparents until she meets a neighborhood boy. They discover a magical stone window frame that transports them into Canadian history as the encounter the Underground Railroad; the coffin ships of the Irish Potato Famine and even the Inuit as they crossed the Bering Land Bridge into North America. Her perception of Canada changes and she is strengthened to face tragedy within her own family.

kc dyer (Karen Dyer) was born in Calgary, and has lived and worked in Toronto, Seattle and Vancouver. After receiving her Education degree from the University of Calgary, she was a teacher in public, private and Montessori schools. In 2002, she was the recipient of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce Special Achievement Award for her significant contribution to the writing community. Dyer is a director of the Surrey International Writers' Conference. She has been writer-in-residence at New Westminster Secondary School and a featured presenter at numerous writing events. She produces and edits the Seagull newspaper in Lions Bay where she lives with her three children.


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