Raymond Eagle of West Vancouver writes for the Canadian Legion magazine and has regained the distribution rights for his book on the distinguished Bell-Irving family in British Columbia. His previous books are: Seton Gordon - The Life and Times of a Highland Gentleman, the biography of the well-known Scottish naturalist and historian, as well as Don't Tell my Mother, co-written with Peter Duggan-Smith, DFC. The latter is an autobiography of Duggan-Smith's long flying career, with some of the hilarious events that happened in thirty-seven years of 'seat of the pants' flying, both in wartime and peacetime.

Raymond Eagle, FSA Scot., is a historian with a particular interest in Scottish and military history. His early years were spent in Eastleigh, Hampshire where many Commonwealth troops were camped in preparation for "D" Day. This led to a life-long interest in military history. In 1949 he joined the British army and was commissioned in the Royal Artillery, spending two years in Hong Kong before continuing in the Territorial Army (Militia).

Henry Pybus (Budge) Bell-Irving was born in January 1913. After attending school in Scotland he worked in the canneries of the Anglo-British Columbia Canning Company, begun by his grandfather, H.O. Bell-Irving , and Budge's letters home reveal much about cannery operations and cannery life. In 1932 he joined the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada militia which, given his family's military tradition is not surprising. In WWI his father and three of his uncles, between them had won nine bravery decorations. In November 1939 Budge went overseas with the Seaforths. The regiment took part the invasion of Sicily in June 1943, from which time he saw intense action right from Sicily and into Northern Europe. Budge eventually commanded the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada from central Italy and into Holland, earning two D.S.O.'s; one in Sicily and the other in the last battle of the war, on Holland's Ijsell River. By the end of the was had risen to the rank of Brigadier. Budge later became B.C.'s 23rd Lieutenant-Governor. During his five years in Government House he kept a daily diary and many of his insights from it are contained in the biography.


Seton Gordon - The Life and Times of a Highland Gentleman

Don't Tell my Mother, co-written with Peter Duggan-Smith, DFC

In the Service of the Crown: The Story of Budge and Nancy Bell-Irving (Kemptville, Ontario: The Golden Dog Press, 1998) (Soft-cover / 347pages / 26 photographs) $15.00 (no tax). Obtainable from: Ray Eagle, FSA. Scot. 1565 Fulton Avenue, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1S5 PH/FAX (604) 922 8507 E-MAIL: r.eagle@shaw.ca

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