Tim Fitzharris is a photographer for natural history titles including British Columbia Wild: A Natural History and British Columbia Wild: A Natural History. His collaborations with Vancouver Island writer Bruce Obee include a lavish coffee table book, Coastal Wildlife of British Columbia. Fitzharris started his career in 1971, photographing nesting great blue herons from a camouflaged treetop blind 70 feet high. For the next 8 years he photographed part-time while teaching high school and elementary school. By 1979 he was teaching workshops in venues such as the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology. In 1983 his first book, The Adventure of Nature Photography was published. His photos have been on the cover of Audubon magazine four times in one year. In 2000, Fitzharris became the monthly nature columnist for Popular Photography & Imaging magazine. He has been a contributing editor to PC Photo magazine. He is the author and photographer of 25 picture books and has published more than 100 calendars and diaries and won prizes in the BBC Wildlife Photographyer of the Year Contest. His photos have been exhibited by the National Museum of Canada.

Fitzharris moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

BOOKS by Tim Fitzharris

Wilderness America (Firefly 2008)
Big Sky: Wild West Panorama (Firefly, 2006)
Rocky Mountains: Wilderness Reflections
National Park Photography (2002)
Private Lives of Animals (2002)
Survival: The Unidentified Stage of Grieving, edited by Donald Bragg and Matthew J. Bragg; photographed by Tim Fitzharris (2000)
The African Water Hole (1999)
Owls: Ghosts of the Forest (1999)
Wolves: Symbol of the Wilderness (1999)
Virtual Wilderness: The Nature Photographer's Guide (1998)
Wildflowers, photographed by Tim Fitzharris (1998)
Close-Up Photography in Nature, by Tim Fitzharris and Sierra Club Staff (1998)
Landscapes of Canada (1998)
Forests: A Book of Postcards, photographed by Tim Fitzharris (1998)
The Rocky Mountains, photographed by Tim Fitzharris (1998)
Nature Photography Hot Spots : Where to Find Them When They're at Their Best. How to Approach Them (1997)
Whatcom Places by Ivan Doig and Wendy Walker; photographed by Tim Fitzharris (1997)
Wild Bird Photography: National Audubon Society Guide (1996)
The Equinox Guide to 35 mm Landscape photography (1994)
Fields of Dreams: Travels in the Wildflower Meadows of North America (1994)
Soaring with Ravens: Visions of the Native American Landscape
by Tim Fitzharris, forward by Joseph Bruchac; photographed by Tim Fitzharris (1994)
Forest (1991)
Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography (1990)
American Birds (1989)
The Wild Prairie: A Natural History of the Western Plains (1984)
Wild Wings: An Introduction to Bird Watching, by Tim Fitzharris, edited by Greg Linder (Edited by) Hardcover - 2nd Edition Reprint
The Adventure of Nature Photography (1983)

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