Born in Shelton, Washington on August 27, 1955, Wayne Frye is an educator, coach, writer, businessman and at-risk youth intervention specialist. He has served as a professor, administrator and hockey coach at Hunter College CUNY (NY), Rowan State University (NJ), Southeastern University (LA - President) and California Lutheran University. J. Wayne Frye has written books about advertising and marketing, nonfiction novels, journal articles and was director of an at-risk intervention program for the Los Angeles City Schools. He came to Canada in 2003 and resides in Ladysmith.

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: College Professor, Businessman, Educational Administrator

AWARDS: Hulman Award for Nonfiction, Socialist Workers Party Literary Award


The Loss of the American Dream (Pyramid, 1970)
Introduction to Advertising (University Press, 1975)
Guide to Alternative Education (Educational Research, 1979)
Promotions Workbook (Warren H. Green Publishers, 1987)
Advertising Lab Manual (Warren H. Green Publishers, 1988)
Mastering Marketing Research (W.H. Green Publishers, 1989
Advertising Design (Warren H. Green Publishers 1990)
Guide to Local Radio-TV Copywriting (W.H. Green Publishers, 1990)
Marketing Plan Workbook (CLU Press, 1990)
Public Relations Workbook (Warren H. Green Publishers, 1991)
Fall from Apocalypse (Fireside Books, 1992)
Cataclysmic Dreams in Black and White (Peninsula Pub. 2004)
Armageddon Now (Fireside Books, 2005)
The Catastrophic Calamaties of a Village Idiot in the Real Evil Empire (Fireside Books, 2006)
Something Evil in the Darkness at Hopkins House (Fireside Books, 2006)
Fighting for Justice in the Land of Hypocrisy (Fireside Books, 2007)
Worth: Afflictions, Calamities, Addictions, Adventures and Felicitous Merriment by One Individual Seeking a Sustainable Existence (Fireside Books, 2009)
How Hockey Saved a Jew From the Holocaust: The Rudi Ball Story (Educational Research Assoc., 2011)
When Jesus Came to Jersey as the Son of Thunder (Peninsula, 2012)
Canadian Angels of Mercy: Nurses in Times of Peril 1885-1918 (Peninsula, 2012)
Hockey Mania and the Mystery of Nancy Running Elk (Peninsula, 2012)
Points of Rebellion: Aboriginals Who Fought for Justice (Peninsula, 2012)
The Girl Who Stirred Up the Whirlwind (2013, Fireside Books)
When Jesus Came to Canada to Lead an Indigenous Rebellion in the Broughton Archipelago (2013, Fireside Books)
Chablis: Avenging Angel for the Forgotten in the City of Lost Hope (Fireside Books, 2013)
The Girl Who Motivated Murder Most Foul (Fireside Books, 2014)
The Girl Who Said Goodbye for the Last Time (Fireside Books, 2014)
Lynton Curls Her Hair (Fireside Books 2014)
Lynton Buys a Cell-Phone and Hears the Voice of Doom (Fireside Books, 2014)
Lynton Walks on Water (2014)
Lynton and the Vampire at Tagaytay Manor (2014)
Chablis and the Terrorist Who Resurrected the Spirit of Che Guevara (2015)
Musings from the Edge (2015)
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Lynton and the Ghosts at the Mansion on Balate Drive (Fireside Books-2015)
Chablis and Lynton in the Room of Doom (Fireside Books-2015)
Lynton Viáas and Beowulf Perez: Demon Slayers in the Taal Inferno (Fireside Books-2015)
Sammy Sasquatch and the Sts'ailes Star (Fireside Books-2015)
The Disappearance (Fireside Books-2015)
Pursuit (Fireside Books-2015)
Lynton Viáas: Demon Fighter in Black and White (Fireside Books-2016)
The Real Jesus Seen in Black and White by the Resurrected Spirit of Dixon Frye (Fireside Books-2016)
Lynton Viáas: Shadows in the Darkness (Fireside Books-2016)
Lynton's South African Adventure: Demon of Fire at the Karoo Escarpment (Fireside Books-2016)
Chablis and Lynton in the Room of Doom (Fireside Books-2016)
Vada Frye's Ghosts in the Darkness of Despair: A. J. Wayne Frye Anthology of Terror (Fireside Books-2016)
The Who Rode Into the Storm (Fireside Books-2017)
Worth - Part 2: The Night of Thunder Road (Fireside Books-2017)
Lynton and the Stellenbosch Terror (Fireside Books-2017)
Bad Moon Rising: American Outlaws of the Roaring 1920s and 1930s: A Look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Who Defied Authority (Fireside Books-2017)
Lynton, The Karoo Vampire & the Jewels of Omar Bin Abi (Fireside Books-2017)
When Jesus Came to the Black Hills to do the Ghost Dance with the Resurrected Spirit of Sitting Bull(Fireside Books-2018)

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