Maxine Gadd was born as "a red diaper baby" in England on November 12, 1940, just outside of London. "Every time there was an air raid,"; she says, "and the bombs fell, my mother and little brother, Neri and I, would have to get from the sixth floor in the attic, to the basement. My father was away at war at Belgium, eating better than us. My mother used to faint in the street from hunger and anxiety."; She immigrated with her family to Canada in 1946 and lived in a downtown hotel. She attended Kitsilano High School and acquired at B.A. from UBC. She later moved to Galiano Island, eventually returning to Vancouver. Fire in the Cove, published in 2001, is a collection of 24 poems written on Galiano Island from 1977 to 1984. Her three privately published works entitled "Greenstone," "Backup to Babylon," and "Lac Lake" were gathered for Backup to Babylon (2006). The title work describes the politics of Vancouver in the 1980s during the Solidarity movement and the Francis Street Squat. As a follow-up, Gadd published Subway Under Byzantine (New Star, 2008), with more on the Gulf Islands and Downtown Eastside.

Reviews of the author's work by BC Studies:
Subway under Byzantium


Guns of the West (blewointment, 1967)
The Book of Practical Knowledge (Self-published, 1969)
Hochelaga (blewointment, 1970)
Air 2 (Air Press, 1971)
Westerns (Air Press, 1975)
Lost Language (Coach House, 1982)
Fire in the Cove (m(O)ther Tongue, 2001)
Backup to Babylon (New Star, 2006). 1-55420-024-5
Subway Under Byzantium (New Star, 2008) $20978-1-55420-035-1

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