Raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Marianne J. Gardner of Salmon Arm spent 20 years traveling, cooking and working in the hospitality industry around the world, mostly on yachts.

In the early 1990s, Gardner began cooking professionally on sailing yacht charters in the Caribbean. She later lived in Honduras and Guatemala where she managed yacht clubs and resorts, including restaurants and bars. She won a "Best Dessert"; award at the British Virgin Island Charter Broker Show in 2005 with her key lime pie. She and her husband have a small catering business in British Columbia in the summers, and a winter home in the Bahamas.

In her self-published Menus and Memoirs of a Yacht Chef (2012), Gardner combines hundreds of recipes with wine suggestions and stories from life aboard luxury yachts

"I have chosen ten travel destinations worldwide featuring a different yacht in each location, with each menu reflecting the food and wine from the area,"; she says. Recipes are written for the avid home cook, alongside photos of yachts, food and locations that include the so-called Mexican Riviera, Saint Martin, New Zealand and the San Juan Islands.

"You don't have to leave your home to enjoy a travel-inspired meal,"; says Gardner. "I started out as a small town prairie girl with basic cooking skills and no worldly experience. But by keeping my options open and taking a few risks, I was able to accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Anyone can.";

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