One of B.C.'s most successful self-publishers, ex-logger Joe Garner of Nanaimo, died on October 27, 1998. He was born in a log-built tool shed on Saltspring Island on February, 11, 1909. After Oolichan Books published Garner's first memoir in December of 1980, Never Fly Over an Eagle's Nest, Garner regained his copyright and reprinted a revised version in 1982 under his own Cinnabar Press imprint. "The big thing about publishing is promotion,"; he said. "If you don't do advertising, forget it."; Garner was well-known for his sales trips around the province in his van, persuading merchants to carry his memoirs. A notorious self-promoter, he was also a good storyteller with broad knowledge of the B.C. outdoors and business. Other Cinnabar titles, all made available from Sandhill Distributing, were Never a Time to Trust (1984) and Never Chop Your Rope (1988). His views of forest mismanagement resulted in Never Under the Table (1992). His final work was Never Forget the Good Times (1995). Never Fly Over An Eagle's Nest was reprinted by Heritage House in 2003. It recalls Garner's childhood after his father Oland was supposedly run out of South Carolina by the Ku Klux Klan in 1903, arriving in Victoria via San Franscisco. Garner's father helped Emily Carr build her house in Victoria and Joe Garner recalls sleeping between the artist's two sheepdogs, plus encounters with a cougar, high-stakes poker and later trips to the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Chilcotin as Garner and his brothers worked in logging. This book was reportedly printed 26 times between 1980 and 1998.

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