As a Vancouver School Board literacy mentor, Adrienne Gear, a classroom teacher for twenty years, wrote Reading Power: Teaching Students to Think while they Read (Pembroke 2006). While teaching at Laura Secord Elementary School in 2001, she joined the Vancouver School Board's Early Literacy Program. She coordinated the launching of the Reading Power initiative at the same school in 2002. $24.95. 978-1-55138-203-6

Adrienne's Gear's second book, Nonfiction Reading Power (Pembroke 2008), provides teachers with lessons and ideas for teaching five specific thinking strategies that support students while reading informational text. $24.95 978-1-55138-229-6

While teaching part-time at J.W. Sexsmith Elementary School, she published Writing Power (Pembroke $24.95) in 2011. 978-1-55138-263-0


Powerful Writing Structures: Brain pocket strategies for supporting a year-long writing program (Pembroke 2020) 978-1-55138-344-6

Powerful Understanding: Helping students explore, question, and transform their thinking about themselves and the world around them (Pembroke 2018) 978-1-55138-328-6

Writing Power (Pembroke 2011)$24.95 978-1-55138-263-0

Nonfiction Reading Power (Pembroke 2008) $24.95 978-1-55138-229-6

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