Vancouver's André Gerolymatos is an expert in modern Greek and Eastern European society. He holds the chair of Hellenic studies at SFU. His Castles Made of Sand examines 100 years of American and British "spy games" in the Middle East.


Intelligence Gathering in Classical Greece (J.C. Gieben, 1986)
Guerrilla Warfare and Espionage in Greece (Pella, 1992)
Espionage & Treason: A Study of the Proxenia in Political & Military
The Balkan Wars (Stoddart, 2001)
The Balkan Wars (Basic Books, 2003)
Red Acropolis, Black Terror: The Greek Civil War And The Origins Of The Soviet-American Rivalry,1943-1949 (Basic Books, 2004)
Castles Made of Sand: A Century of Anglo-American Espionage and Intervention in the Middle East (Thomas Dunne Books 2010).
An International Civil War: Greece, 1943 - 1949 (Yale University Press, 2016).

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