Born in Toronto on February 15, 1935, Donald Gordon Wilkes arrived in B.C. in 1996. A retired chartered accountant, Wilkes has self-published under the name Donald Gordon with his own Abbey Isle imprint. His many articles have mostly appeared under the name Don Wilkes. He also uses the name D.G. Wilkes.

In his novel Coming Up Short, Steve Wrift, an accountant fated to attract trouble, is fired from a job and abandons Canada's West Coast for employment in Australia. With travel time to spare, he arranges a stopover in Japan to visit a penpal. Visiting Kamakura he's given a piece of jade by a member of the yakuza, Japan's version of the mafia. That stone later discarded in frustration, Steve discovers another on a bed pillow after a night of passion in Hong Kong. A lonely Steve, settled in Melbourne, must deal with a vengeful female boss. While debating limited options, he bumps into a reformed Charlie Tucker, a wastrel friend from the past with whom Steve has shared mishaps, on and off since they first met in Istanbul. Checking into a company problem in Sydney, Steve discovers more than expected. Meanwhile, Charlie wrestles with complications arising from a personal relationship.

Writing: What's Good, Bad and Ugly (2007) is about writing concepts, self-publishing, marketing and activity monitoring.

The contents of A Bean Counter's Travels (2009) are: Easier Access, Florida, Grenada, France, Med' Cruises, Portugal, Great Britain, Japan & Hong Kong, Trips Unshared, Australia, New Zealand & Fiji, Mexico, Greece, Cuba, Move West, Costa Rica, Toronto, Closer To Home, Planning a Trip, Money & Health, Random Thoughts. "For those truly dedicated to the pursuit, which memories stick and which ones slip away? Of diverse places I've visited, the Greek Islands top the list, in particular Crete where we got to see a fair chunk of the island during our three weeks there. For value, Cuba ranked right up there."

Donald Gordon has also self-published a novel, Withered Expectations (Victoria: Abbey Isle Publishing 2016).


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Writing: What's Good, Bad and Ugly (D.G. Wilkes). Abbey Isle Publishing, 2007 ISBN 9780973763324, cover price: $19. Non-fiction.

Coming Up Short 2007, Abbey Isle Publishing
No More Illusions 2006, Abbey Isle
Shattered Expectations 1996, Lugus

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