Crisp (NeWest 2010) is the first collection of short stories by R.W. Gray, born in 1969 and raised on the northwest coast of B.C. It was short-listed for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award.

Gray received a PhD in Poetry and Psychoanalysis from the University of Alberta in 2003. He is the author of two serialized novels in Xtra West magazine (Waterboys and Tide Pool Sketches) and has published poetry in various journals and anthologies. He has had short screenplays produced, including 'Alice & Huck' and 'Blink' which both won awards for short film. He is senior editor at the helm of He is also professor of film and screenwriting at University of New Brunswick.

Gray's second collection of short stories combines magical realism with human relationships. Haunting stories include those of a man who finds his girlfriend's editing room where she erases all her flaws; an older gay couple who meet what appear to be younger versions of themselvses; and a beautiful man who lets others do whatever they want to his unconscious body.


Crisp (NeWest 2010) 978-1-897126-59-2 $17.95

Entropic (NeWest 2015) $19.95 978-1-927063-86-6

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