Born in Milwaukee in 1947, Heidi Greco came to Canada in 1968. "The award I am proudest of is my Canadian citizenship," she has written. "I'm still convinced I 'picked' my parents because I thought they were Canadian. At the time, they were honeymooning at the Lake of the Woods."

A community organizer who helped create her local arts council, Greco has been active in the League of Poets and in the successful initiative to preserve Joy Kogawa House. Her work has appeared in several anthologies including Crossing Lines (2008), Listening With the Ear of the Heart (St. Peter's Press, 2003), Study in Grey: Women Writing about Depression (Rowan Books, 1999) and Friendly Erotica (Martin Park Publications, 1996).

Dainty but ambitious, Heidi Greco's tiny chapbook, A: The Amelia Poems (Abbotsford: Lipstick Press $8) attempts nothing less than to retell the life story of the missing aviatrix Amelia Earhart, who disappeared in 1937 while crossing the Pacific. Through Earhart's own furtive notes and poems, Greco incorporates speculation that Earhart was captured by the Japanese and likely imprisoned on Saipan--but not executed.

"Building on these P.O.W. theories," she writes, "some have suggested that the U.S. may have come to an agreement with Japan that secured Earhart's release." But Greco then deviates from the theory that Earhart was placed in protective custody, granting her a false identity which allowed her to live out her days in obscurity. A: The Amelia Poems imagines "that when eventually returned to the U.S., she was forced to spend the rest of her life in an asylum in New Jersey."

Heidi Greco was a co-recipient of the 2011 Ken Klosky Novella Contest for Shrinking Violets, a story about the bond between a single mother who works as a supermarket cashier and her son.

Greco's non-fiction Glorious Birds: A Celebratory Homage to Harold and Maude (Anvil 2020) revisits the 1971 film, Harold and Maude, an unusual May/December romance, and comments within the times the film was released.

CITY/TOWN: South Surrey, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: 1 April, 1947


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Freelance editing, occasionally as an instructor for the Creative Writing Branch of Surrey's Department of Continuing Education.


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