Stories of the sasquatch have appeared in print since the 1860s. One of the most important alleged sightings occurred in September of 1941 at Ruby Creek, approximately 30 miles up the Fraser River from Agassiz, when a sasquatch appeared around three o'clock in the afternoon near the home of an Aboriginal couple, George and Jeannie Chapman, and their children. John Green, publisher of the Agassiz-Harrison Advance, later chronologically listed reported sightings of the man-like Sasquatch by province or state in The Sasquatch File, published by Agassiz' Cheam Publishing in 1968. It has also been listed as On The Track of the Sasquatch: Book One (Harrison Hot Springs: Cheam Publishing, 1968). "It is simply impossible to make so many tracks fictitiously," Green said, upon examining tracks in northern California in 1958. Green presented a series of Sasquatch-related titles available from Hancock House including The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot; Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us; and Meet the Sasquatch (co-author).

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