Is the Antichrist a homosexual? Will the Tribulation finally occur if Russia attacks Israel? In his Have a Nice Doomsday, Nicholas Guyatt examines the "apocalyptic obsession" in the United States where, reportedly, there some 50 millions citizens who expect the apocalypse will occur in their lifetime. Bizarrely, these so-called True Believers in Jesus' Second Coming are mostly cheerful about the impending end of the world. Have a Nice Doomsday looks at how these believers impact the culture and politics of the world's most powerful nation, and what their influence might mean for the rest of the godforsaken world. Evangelicals have thus far snatched up more than 60 million copies of the Left Behind series of novels from two of the most popular Second Coming salesmen, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, since 1995. "The creation of the Jewish State in 1948," Guyatt writes, "provided the missing piece in the puzzle, generating the upsurge in apocalyptic belief that has propelled today's most famous Bible prophecy interpreters into the mainstream."

Born and raised in England, Nicholas Guyatt attended Cambridge and Princeton, and now teaches History at Simon Fraser University. He has written numerous books, and he contributes frequently to the London Review of Books, and the Nation Magazine.


Have a Nice Doomsday: Why Millions of Americans are Looking Forward to the End of the World (Harper Perennial, 2007) $16.50 978-0-06-115224-5

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