Valerie Haig-Brown's biography of her parents is Deep Currents: Roderick and Ann Haig Brown (Orca 1997 $32.95). Valerie Haig-Brown wrote her appreciation of her parents while living in the Waterton Park area of southern Alberta.

Born in Seattle in 1908, American-born Ann Haig-Brown graduated from Berkeley and later established a reputation as a community activist, librarian and teacher. Godson of Lord Baden-Powell and a lay magistrate in Campbell River, Sussex-born Roderick Haig-Brown has been the subject of a controversial biography by Ben Metcalfe and a critical study by Anthony Robertson. His many books on fly fishing earned him an international reputation. He died in 1976; she died in 1990. Haig-Brown Mountain, situated west of Buttle Lake in Strathcona Park, was named after the conservationist couple in 1993 -- an honour Roderick Haig-Brown is said to have rejected during his lifetime.

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