David Hancock (b. 1938) operates Hancock House publishing, one of British Columbia's oldest publishing houses. He is a pilot, biologist and wildlife enthusiast who has contributed to many of his company's projects. All his own books are self-published such as Introducing the Birds of North America and Some of the Common and Uncommon Birds of British Columbia co-authored with David Sterling, and Pacific Wilderness, written with Lyn Hancock, from whom he is divorced. His other titles include Bald Eagle Note Book, Bella Coola Pole Notebook, Birds of British Columbia, Canada Geese Note Book, Coastal ECO Tourism, Northwest Coastal Wildlife, Rocky Mountain Wildlife and Wildlife of the Rockies, mostly out of print. Something of a lone wolf, he operates his publishing business outside of the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia.

Selected Bibliography:

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Rocky Mountain Wildlife (0-88839-567-1). By David Hancock, Brian Wolitski - 11 X 8.5, SC, 96pp., $19.95

Indian Tribes (978-0-88839-619-8). By Reg Ashwell, David Hancock - 8.5 X 5.5, SC, 96pp., $9.95

Story of Eagle Activity Book (978-0-88839-641-9). By David Hancock, Susanne Lansonius - 11 X 8.5, SC, 48pp., $5.95

Season of the Eagle (978-0-88839-643-3). By Nancy Maciolek Blake & David Hancock- 11 X 8.5, HC, 48pp., $12.95 ___

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