Born in Victoria in 1956, Gail Harris was raised in Victoria, attended University of Victoria and moved to England in 1984. A performance artist, she appeared in her own seven-minute, 16 mm film "as an evangelical reincarnation of Cleopatra" in Men: A Passion Playground, directed by Victoria-raised director Atom Egoyan. It was released in 1985 by Gale Warning Productions. She operated a turn-of-the-century bed and breakfast called Lilac House across from the Ross Bay Cemetery with her partner Clint Hutzulak, publisher and editor of artdog press. The cemetery inspired her second book, Lady ambivalence and her small, secret mansion (artdog press, 1988). This, in turn, gave rise to a 40-minute theatrical interpretation of the book that premiered in Victoria in 1988. Her first book was The blue silk underwear of the incredible Miss Rainwater (Coach House, 1986).

[BCBW 2003] "Poetry"