Brian Harvey grew up on the west coast of Canada where he studied marine biology and fish physiology at the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, receiving his Ph.D. in 1979 after a detour through the Faculty of Music. He has extensive global experience in fisheries management and conservation, and is an international policy and practice expert in aquatic biodiversity.

The planned diversion of the San Francisco River in northeast Brazil in the face of major protests is the main case study for biologist Brian Harvey's The End of the River: Strangling the Rio Sao Francisco (ECW $19.95), written after Harvey witnessed thousands of fish blundering into a dam. It also examines fisheries management on the Fraser River, with detours to the great Tsukiji fish market in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and other parts of South America. Written for the layperson, it details the mis-use of science on water and fisheries management.

In 1995, Harvey teamed with Ex-Minister of Fisheries John Fraser to create World Fisheries Trust as a home base for his projects. He served as its President and Executive Director from 1995 to 2005. He left WFT in 2005, in the middle of a $3 million project on Brazilian freshwater fisheries, having written one final report too many. Since then he has worked independently, focusing on endangered species reports for the federal and provincial governments, having worked for international clients in Asia, Latin America and especially Brazil. (A brief flirtation with high tech produced the world's only laser-aimed underwater dart gun and some unhappy investors.)

A frequent guest speaker, Harvey has produced several projects to raise public awareness, including Up the Creek, a salmon board game. Harvey has also written "Against the Current," a travel column for the Victoria Times-Colonist, Reality Check (for Waters magazine) and science-travel articles for Escape and Westworld. He lives in Victoria and is married to Hatsumi Nakagawa, whose father is in the fish business in Tokyo. Harvey continues to work in fisheries as a consultant through Fugu Fisheries Ltd.

According to ECW Press: After a 25-year break from boating, Brian Harvey circumnavigates Vancouver Island with his wife, his dog, and a box of documents that surfaced after his father?s death. John Harvey was a neurosurgeon, violinist, and photographer who answered his door a decade into retirement to find a sheriff with a summons. It was a malpractice suit, and it did not go well. Dr. Harvey never got over it. The box contained every nurse?s record, doctor?s report, trial transcript, and expert testimony related to the case. Only Brian?s father had read it all. In this memoir, Sea Trial: Sailing after My Father, Brian Harvey shares how after two months of voyaging with his father?s ghost, he finally finds out what happened in the O.R. that crucial night and why Dr. Harvey felt compelled to fight the excruciating accusations.


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