Born in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast on July 10, 1959, Donald J. Hauka of New Westminster began his journalism career in Grade 11 and took his first fulltime job as a sports editor for the Williams Lake Tribune. He attended Simon Fraser University and BCIT, and worked for a variety of community newspapers, before starting at the Province in 1985. He covered politics from 1988-2001.

Hauka has written radio-plays for CBC drama and two television movies based on the Canadian character of Hakeem Jinnah (Jinnah on Crime: Pizza 911, which aired in 2002 and Jinnah on Crime: White Knight, Black Widow, 2003). Hauka sold the concept for a movie based on a Kenyan-born Muslim named Hakeem Jinnah at the Banff TV festival prior to having a script available.

Fast-paced, funny, and suspenseful, She Demons is his second Mister Jinnah novel in which the flirtatious and always resourceful Jinnah has to use every ounce of his investigative genius to solve a crime...and make a few extra dollars on the side. According to promotional materials: "How can an enterprising newspaper reporter sell his Babji dolls when there's a beheaded street youth, a Rave messiah battling a berserk "God Squad,"; and a conniving new editor to deal with? Especially when he's suffering all the symptoms of dengue fever? Hakeem Jinnah is back and is as politically incorrect as ever. The chain-smoking, headline-chasing hypochondriac is in a race to find a killer and help save his buddy Sergeant Graham's career. But a bevy of She Demons bedevil him at each turn. Soon Jinnah is entangled in a cultic web that threatens his friends, his family and his life."

For Margin of Terror: A Reporter's Twenty-Year Odyssey Covering the Tragedies of the Air India Bombing (Key Porter $24.95), Donald J. Hauka partnered with Province reporter Salim Jiwa to update Jiwa's 1985 book about the two Air India bombings with new information on the 20-year Air India investigation and the 19-month trial that resulted in a verdict of not guilty for the accused in 2005. In late April of 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a new public probe into the Air India bombings.

Pizza 911 (Dundurn, 2015), the third in Hauka's Mister Jinnah series, takes politically incorrect newspaper reporter Hakeem Jinnah from Vancouver to Tanzania as he investigates another grisly crime. A burnt, dismembered body has been found in a pizza oven, and Jinnah's quest for the story's truth leads to encounters with "bikers, drugs lords, shadowy assassins, and a mysterious, beautiful woman."; Pizza 911 is based on the 2002 Gemini-nominated made-for-TV movie of the same name, also written by Hauka.

For information Hauka's historical novel, Ned McGowan's War, see review below.

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
McGowan's War: The Birth of Modern British Columbia on the Fraser River Gold Fields


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