R.J. Hepner writes novels about counter-terrorist investigators and the work they do. His stories often explore how such investigators discover truths about themselves yet still maintain the capability to cold-heartedly direct terror against those who would harm America and Canada.

His first book, The Brave One Strikes Back (West Castle Publishing, 2014) introduces readers to Art Dodek just as he joins an FBI/Homeland Security task force. Dodek's first task is to stop the Somali Brotherhood of Jihad from attacking targeted sites including Los Angeles. He discovers a Canadian operative's life is at risk. Justice gets blindsided. Vengeance turns personal.

The second book in the Art Dodek series, Protect Then Defend (West Castle Publishing, 2015) takes place in Vancouver. Dodek must foil an assassination plot to kill the prime minister of Israel on Canadian soil. With his partner, Dodek tracks two elusive insurgents. In the midst of a string of terrorist attacks in Vancouver, Dodek uncovers a secret held by a long time friend. He doesn't believe what may occur until he investigates further, which results in a dangerous confrontation: Dodek must choose which means more - loyalty and friendship, or the duties he swore to uphold.

A dual U.S. & Canadian citizen, Hepner lives in the Okanagan Valley in Northeastern British Columbia with his wife, Marion. He previously owned consulting businesses doing work for Asian investors. Before that, Hepner worked as a ship chandler salesman, iron shop finisher, shipyard store man, and at a regional Hyundai auto distribution center.


The Brave One Strikes Back (West Castle Publishing, 2014) 9781629890708
Protect Then Defend (West Castle Publishing, 2015) 9781629891989

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