Allix Hereward was born on Sept. 1, 1922 in Durham, England. He served in the Military as a pilot until being demobilized in March, 1946. Hereward worked for a deep sea-shipping agency, stationed in India and Burma. In 1954 he married Louise Walker before he immigrated to Canada in 1957. Living in Parksville, Hereward worked as a restaurateur. He is the author of the novel In The Face Of The Enemy and a book of children's poetry, The Maladjusted Jungle. Hereward has placed various articles and poetry in Reader's Digest, Maclean's, The Malahat Review and Pacific Yachting, amongst others.


In The Face of The Enemy (The Book Guild, UK, 1986)
The Maladjusted Jungle (Oxford Press Canada, 1991)
Paper Bullets (Poetry Chapbook)
Rhymes Of An Ancient Mariner (Riftswood Publishing)
Poems Political (Riftswood Publishing)

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