Scientist, consultant and politician Renée Hetherington of North Saanich is a rare B.C. author published by Cambridge University Press. Born in Deep River, Ontario, in 1959, she has lived in B.C. since 1963. She gained her BA in business & economics from Simon Fraser University in 1981; followed by an MBA from the University of Western Ontario in 1985 and her interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Anthropology, Biology, Geography and Geology from University of Victoria in 2002. She ran unsuccessfully for election as a federal member of parliament for the Liberal Party in 2011, finish fourth to Green Party leader Elizabeth May in the riding of Saanich Gulf Islands.

In 2012, reviews of Living in a Dangerous Climate were available via the following websites:


The Climate Connection: Climate Change and Modern Human Evolution, co-authored with Robert G.B. Reid (London: Cambridge University Press, 2010).

Living in a Dangerous Climate: Climate Change and Human Evolution (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012).

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