Before he became famous for sailing the Kon-Tiki from Peru to the Raroia in the South Pacific, Norwegian explorer and archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl visited Bella Coola in 1939-1940 to compare petroglyphs at Thorsen Creek with Polynesian art forms. He had theorized that Hawaii could have been settled by people from British Columbia. During his visit, when Germany overran Norway, Heyerdahl was forced to remain in Canada with limited funds. Befriending guide and hunter Clayton Mack, he received help from Mack to visit more pictographs at Kwatna Inlet whereupon Hederdahl asked his resourceful Nuxalk guide if he thought it would be possible for his ancestors to have reached Hawaii in a dugout canoe; Clayton Mack suggested they might have used giant rafts of kelp. In addition to spending time at Bella Coola, Thor Heyerdahl worked at the Trail smelter for about a year, starting in 1940. One of Heyerdahl's children appears in a Sunday school registry held by the local archives.


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