In Alida Hilbrander's self-published Soul-Link: Parting the Veils of Separation, she describes maintaining her connections with her deceased husband, Bill, and the transition process that can occur with the death of a loved one. "When loved ones pass over into another dimension they continue to grow in light, and, when we render ourselves receptive to their growth, our lives will be enriched as well,"; she writes.

Soul-Link features 36 grey-scale photographs of ocean and coastal scenes by Peter Niclas Kellogg, which depict a transition of its own: nature's harmony with humanity, its comforting presence. The book also includes poetry by the author's brother, Antony Van Mansum.

According to her website, "Alida Hilbrander, born 1937, was Director of Home Support Services for 12 years and Director of Hospice Services for 10 years, assisting in the organization of both agencies. During this time she provided support to clients ranging in ages from infancy to the very elderly as well as the dying. For 22 years Alida facilitated numerous workshops for both volunteers and employees targeted to the needs of the various groups. This included community education as well.

"Having received her formal education in Holland, Alida emigrated to Canada in 1958, at which time she and her husband Bill raised a family and worked an organic homestead. In the meantime, she continued her training in philosophical counselling and esoteric studies. Alida retired from her work with Hospice in 1997. After Bill's death in 2004 she continues to devote her life to raising awareness and consciousness, beginning with her own."

Proceeds from her workshops go to promote literacy and education for low-caste youth in India through the Institute of Global Education. She lives in White Lake, between Salmon Arm and Sorrento.


Soul-Link: Parting the Veils of Separation (Red Tuque Distributing 2010) $26.95

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