"Being a left-handed, Gemini breach-birth allows me to love tetraploid daylilies. It is who I am botanically." -- Thomas Hobbs

Vancouver florist and owner of Southlands Nursery, Thomas Hobbs followed his first gardening book Shocking Beauty with a collection of personalized text and exquisite garden photography by David McDonald, The Jewel Box Garden (Raincoast 2004). "One of the aspects we do have some control over is our gardens..." he writes. "All you need are patience, money (sad, but true) and commitment." Hobbs had his first greenhouse at age six, talks to his plants, has appeared on Martha Stewart Living and has had his own gardening show on television. He concludes in The Jewel Box Garden, "The very '90s term 'cocooning' sounds all warm and fuzzy, but the terrorist attacks of 9/11 awakened the desire in everyone for a safe haven. Those of us who have gardens use them as ongoing therapy. As the world gets scarier, our sessions are longer and we schedule them more often. The sensitive gardener's garden is looking better than ever!"

[BCBW 2004] "Gardening"