Stephen Hume was born in Blackpool, England and emigrated with his parents. He was raised in fishing, farming and logging communities across Alberta and BC and studied at the University of Victoria. A journalist for over 35 years, Hume was editor-in-chief at the Edmonton Journal before moving to BC to become columnist and feature writer for the Vancouver Sun. He is currently a teacher of professional writing at University of Victoria. His writing has won more than a dozen awards, including a Dolly Connelly prize for environmental writing. "What Hume has forgotten about this province is more than most journalists will ever know,"; wrote fellow B.C. author and journalist Terry Glavin.

Hume has also won the Writers Guild of Alberta literary award, the Southam President's Award and the Marjorie Nichols Memorial Award.

His books include a collection of essays, Ghost Camps, books of poetry and the text that accompanied Graham Osborne's photographs in British Columbia: A Wild and Fragile Beauty.

Based on an award-winning series called 'Frontier Women of BC', he published a compendium called Raincoast Chronicles 20: Lilies and Fireweed. Subjects include the first European woman in B.C., Frances Barkley, who twice circumnavigated the globe, and Maria Pollard Grant, who became the first woman elected to public office in B.C. in 1895. Hume is also one of the co-authors of A Stain Upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming, a critique of fish farming practices that received the 2005 Roderick Haig-Brown Prize.

Stephen Hume's well-illustrated tribute to the life and achievements of the blunt and tenacious Vermont-born explorer Simon Fraser, Simon Fraser: In Search of Modern British Columbia (Harbour $36.95), arose from his series of articles in The Vancouver Sun. It received the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize for best book about British Columbia in 2009. This biography traces and reconstructs Fraser's route down and back up the river that bears his name. As an extensive tribute to Fraser's contribution to B.C. history, this quest-styled exploration simultaneously reasserts the importance of the fur trade as a foundation for the series of forts the evolved into present-day British Columbia.

Other books include essays in Bush Telegraph and Off the Map.

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Simon Fraser: In Search of Modern British Columbia
A Stain upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming
A Walk with the Rainy Sisters: In Praise of British Columbia's Places


A Walk with the Rainy Sisters: In Praise of British Columbia's Places (Harbour, 2010). 978-1-55017-505-9 : $32.95.
Simon Fraser: In Search of Modern British Columbia (Harbour, 2008). 978-1-55017-434-2
A Stain Upon The Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming (Harbour, 2004)
Lilies and Fireweed: Frontier Women of British Columbia (Harbour, 2004)
Off The Map: Western Travels on Roads Less Taken (Harbour, 2001)
Bush Telegraph: Discovering the Pacific Province (Harbour, 1999)
Ghost Camps: A Memory and Myth on Canada's Frontiers (Newest, 1989)
And the House Sank Like a Ship in the Long Prairie Grass (Cormorant Books, 1987)
Signs against an Empty Sky (Quadrant Editions, 1980)

BC Book Prize, 2000
Jack Webster Award, 2000, 2002
Marjorie Nichols Memorial Award for non-fiction, 1995
Alberta Writers Guild Literary Award - non-fiction, 1989

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