Chris Hutchinson opened his first collection of poetry, Unfamiliar Weather (The Muses Company) with a stanza from John Newlove, "Everyone is so / lonely in this / country that / it's necessary / to be fantastic."

Raised on Vancouver Island, Chris Hutchinson was shortlisted for the 2013 Acorn-Plantos Award for People's Poetry with his third book, A Brief History of the Short-Lived (Nightwood Editions, 2012). He is also the author of Unfamiliar Weather (Muses' Company, 2005), Other People's Lives (Brick Books, 2009) and Jonas in Frames (Goose Lane 2014)

Jonas in Frames is touted as the voice of a socially inept and nostalgic wanderer-hero Jonas who is in need of a quest. It has been variously described as a series of loosely connected narrative fragments written in poetic prose and a maze of postcard stories bursting with literary in-jokes haunted by the ghost of Samuel Beckett. At the same it is hyped as "a work of epic literature for the twenty-first century."

Born in Montreal in 1972, Hutchinson has pursued various livelihoods in Vancouver, Dawson City, Edmonton, Nelson, Kelowna, Phoenix and Brooklyn, cooking in restaurants or occasionally teaching creative writing at high schools, colleges and universities. In 2013 he was living in Texas.

Chris Hutchinson's poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies across Canada, including Breathing Fire 2. Winner of the 2003 Earle Birney Prize for Poetry. Critic and poet Michael Turner, author of 8 x 10, has generously asserted that Hutchinson is doing "tomorrow's writing today.";

DATE OF BIRTH: August 2, 1972


AWARDS: 2003 Earle Birney Prize for Poetry


Unfamiliar Weather (The Muses' Company, J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, 2005) 0-920486-82-7

Other People's Lives (Brick, 2009)

A Brief History of the Short-Lived (Nightwood Editions, 2012) $18.95 978-0889712669

Jonas in Frames (Goose Lane 2014) $19.95 9780864924353

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