Author Tags: Fiction

Attorney Doug Ingold of Arcata, California, born on February 3, 1940, has been a part-time resident of Sechelt.

His novels are:

Rosyland, a Novel in III Acts (Wolfenden) 2016

SQUARE, (Wolfenden) 2014

The Henderson Memories (Wolfenden) 2010

In the Big City (Wolfenden) 1996

[BCBW 2016]

Author Tags: Fiction

According to Doug Ingold's website:

Doug Ingold's In the Big City is a novel about a family under stress, one in which the traditional marriage roles have been reversed. The Winters - Jason, Anne and their two year-old daughter Kim - move from a small town to Chicago so Anne can begin her career with a prestigious law firm. Anne is soon navigating the fast lanes of corporate law but Jason remains locked in their apartment doing child care, smoking marijuana and getting fat. As a "house husband" Jason experiences many of the things that "house wives" have traditionally experienced: a loss of self-esteem, a sense of stagnation, a lack of accomplishment.

Jason and Anne try to support each other and both want the marriage to succeed. This sometimes funny, sometimes moving novel is about their attempt to survive this dramatic change with their marriage intact.

Doug Ingold grew up in a small central Illinois town near Peoria. As a young man he worked in a variety of interesting jobs on farms, in factories, hospitals, parking garages, hotels, restaurants, science laboratories, etc. to pay his way through college. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a major in psychology and a minor in philosophy.

In the mid-sixties, he and his first wife were Peace Corps volunteers in the Brazilian State of Bahia. They returned to Illinois and Doug graduated with a J.D. degree from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1969. For the next five years he represented low-income clients with Legal Service Foundation offices first in Chicago and later in Carbondale, Illinois.

In 1974 he and his second wife moved to Northern California. For eleven years they made their home in a small cabin in the woods. They have since lived in several different locations in northern California, presently residing in Arcata.

In addition to In the Big City, Doug has written a play, Mixed Doubles, and a number of short pieces, both fiction, non-fiction travel pieces, some of which have appeared in literary and local publications. He has two children.