Celebrating Victoria (Heritage House) is a keepsake book showcasing Walls' colour photos of Victoria. He was also the primary photographer for Danda Humphreys' Government Street.

To the Lighthouse (Heritage House, 2015) is a co-authored guide to the more than two dozen operating lighthouses that dot the coast of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. These beacons have guided vessels through the rocky shores of B.C. for more than a century. Some are ideal places to hike and explore; others are dangerous to access. The book rates the danger factor for each lighthouse. Highlighted with beautiful photography from Richard Paddle, who has travelled to every lighthouse in B.C., To the Lighthouse offers details about the history and lore of these landmarks, with practical information about accessibility.

Born in London, Ontario, John Walls studied photography under Bart Parker at the University of Rhode Island. A resident of Shirley, B.C. on southern Vancouver Island, John Walls is an avid kayaker.


To the Lighthouse: An explorer's Guide to the Island Lighthouses of Southwestern BC (Heritage House, 2015) $19.95 978-1-77203-046-4 (Co-authored with Peter Johnson, photography by Richard Paddle)

Canada's West Coast. (Heritage House). 978-1-894974-58-5 : $29.95.

Portrait of Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island. (Heritage House). 978-1-894974-95-0 : $16.95.

Celebrating Victoria. (Heritage House). 978-1-926613-76-5 : $7.95.

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