Vici Johnstone entered the publishing industry in 2006 when she was hired by Harbour Publishing as the production manager. She became the managing editor and general manager prior to purchasing Caitlin Press in 2008. She operates the publishing company from the Sunshine Coast.

Edited by its publisher Vici Johnstone, This Place a Stranger: Canadian Women Travelling Alone (Caitlin 2015 $24.95) is about 23 women traveling alone-and writing about it. Women have been traveling alone for more than a century, now it's increasingly common. But the dangers remain much the same. Contributors are Yvonne Blomer, Nadine Pedersen, Catherine Owen, Kami Kanetsuka, Yamuna Flaherty, Lori Garrison, Karen J Lee, Miriam Matejova, Desiree Jung, Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy, Shannon Webb-Campbell, Kim Melton, Sarah Paynter, Nancy Pincombe, Julia Selinger, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Elizabeth Haynes, Ann Cavlovic, Moni Brar, Trysh Ashby-Rolls, Joei Carlton Hossack, Kelly Pitman, Julie Paul, Vici Johnstone. 978-1-927575-73-4

[BCBW 2016]