Coming from a historically oral tradition, many Indigenous North Americans have only recently turned to the written word. But it has been significant in helping Indigenous people understand who they are. Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee Nation) studies and writes about Indigenous literature for a living. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Literature and Expressive Culture at UBC. His new book, Why Indigenous Literatures Matter (Wilfrid Laurier $19.99) surveys the field of Indigenous literary studies as well as analyzes Indigenous literature through a political and social history lens. The book challenges readers to re-think their assumptions about Indigenous literature, history and politics. As well, at a time when reconciliation is in the news, Justice shows how Indigenous writers nurture and restore imaginative kinship with the world. He has published widely on the subject of Indigenous literature and is Professor of First Nations and Indigenous Studies and English at UBC.



Why Indigenous Literatures Matter (Wilfrid Laurier 2018) $19.99 978-1-77112-176-7