Donna Kane lives a few miles northeast of Dawson Creek, in Rolla. Her poetry has appeared in journals across Canada. She first began organizing literary events in her community in 1999, often at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. She subsequently became Executive Director of the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council.

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In her memoir, Summer of the Horse (Harbour 2018), Donna Kane describes leaving a twenty-five-year marriage to be with a wilderness guide, Wayne Sawchuk, who is confident in nature. Expecting to depart with him on a three-month horse-packing expedition, her plans are kiboshed by a serious injury to a gelding that requires her to stay home and attend to the horse's recovery. As a novice horsewoman, she eventually describes her inaugural trail ride into an area dubbed the "Serengeti of the North, " the Muskwa-Kechika protected area. With honesty and humility, she describes finding her place in the world and rethinking her assumptions about the wild far north. Her soul-searching non-fiction story will particularly appeal to readers with an abiding interest in either horses or ecology.

DATE OF BIRTH: February 23, 1959

PLACE OF BIRTH: Dawson Creek

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Executive Director, Northern Lights College Foundation

AWARDS: Lina Chartrand Award for Poetry 2000


Somewhere, A Fire (Hagios Press, 2004)
Erratic (Hagios Press, 2007)
Summer of the Horse (Harbour 2018) $19.95 978-1-55017-819-7

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