Karen Lee White is a Northern Salish, Tuscarora, Chippewa, and Scots writer from Vancouver Island. She was adopted into the Daklaweidi clan of the Interior Tlingit/Tagish people. In 2017m White was awarded an Indigenous Art Award for Writing by the Hnatyshyn Foundation Her writing has appeared in Exile's That Damned Beaver: Canadian Humour; Laughs and Gaffes anthology, EXILE/ELQ magazine, the collection of Indigenous Writers Impact, Colonialism in Canada, and other literary journals. She has been commissioned as a playwright by theatres in Vancouver and Victoria, and was commissioned by the Banff Centre to produce a story for the Banff Centre Fables of the 21st Century special edition, released in 2018.

Written as a love letter to the Tlingit/Tagish people in the Yukon Territory with whom she trapped, hunted and fished in the 1970s, her fictional work, The Silence (Exile 2018), includes a CD of original music performed by the author. She says it was inspired by the rugged, unspoiled beauty of the Yukon Territory and "the deep peace found in wild places."


The Silence (Exile Editions 2018)  $21.95  9781550967944

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