"I'm not interested in serving a formula. The murder mystery can be a vehicle for all sorts of subject matter." -- Nora Kelly.

Born in Patterson, New Jersey on August 29, 1945, Kelly grew up in New Jersey and spent summers on Cape Cod. She lived in New York, London, Cambridge and Nairobi before settling in Vancouver, where she earned a Ph.D. in history from Simon Fraser University. Her first mystery featuring her academic sleuth Gillian Adams was In The Shadow of King's (HarperCollins 1986), set in Cambridge. My Sister's Keeper (HarperCollins 1993) sets a campus murder mystery against a backdrop of university politics and sexism at the fictional University of Pacific North-West. As head of the history department, Gillian Adams probes how sexual discrimination against her brightest student leads to murder. Her third feminist mystery novel Bad Chemistry (HarperCollins 1994) is again set in Cambridge University when Gilliam Adams returns for a reunion with her lover Edward Gisborne. When the only female member of the chemistry department is found dead, Adams becomes involved due to her university friendships and her relationship with Gisborne, a Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector. In a fourth novel, Old Wounds (HarperCollins 1999), Gillian Adams returns home to care for her mother, expecting little in the way of excitement in the sleepy rural campus of Stanton College, until the body of a young female student is discovered on a lonely stretch of road. "What could Janice have been doing on Dykeman's Pond Road that had upset her so much that she'd ploughed straight on to the highway under the wheels-and presumably the lights-of an oncoming semi?"; Adams caught in another murder investigation where her childhood friends--and enemies--are suspects. Nora Kelly has lived in Cambridge and Vancouver. She has chaired her Citizens Planning Committee in her neighborhood of Strathcona.

Kelly also wrote Quest for a Profession: The History of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing.

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Quest for a Profession: The History of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing