Winona Kent of New Westminster was born in London, England in 1954 but grew up in Regina. A former travel agent, she earned a creative writing degree from UBC in 1985. Her novel Skywatcher is about an actor/spy who comes to Vancouver to make a movie and visit his sons. She has written several novels since then. Her book, In Loving Memory earned an Honourable Mention at the London Book Festival in 2017 and Skywatcher was a finalist in the Seal Books First Novel contest.

As a card-carrying member of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. fan club, Kent wrote for the McCallum Observer, the official fanzine dedicated to actor David McCallum.


Notes on a Missing G-String (Blue Devil Books, 2019) (mystery) $19.63 978-0988082656

Marianne's Memory (self published, 2018) (accidental time travel) $19.63 978-1980543480

Disturbing the Peace (self published, 2017) Novella (mystery) $7.84 978-0988082649

In Loving Memory (Diversion Books, 2016) (accidental time travel) $13.70 978-1682300787

Persistence of Memory (Diversion Books, 2015/previously published by Fable Press, September 2013) (accidental time travel) $19.31 978-1682300435

Cold Play (Diversion Books, 2015/previously self published, 2012) (mystery) $19.36 978-1682300466

The Cilla Rose Affair (Diversion Books, 2015/previously self published in 2001 and 2011) (tongue in cheek espionage) $14.57 978-1682300459

Skywatcher (Diversion Books, 2015/previously published in 1989 by Bantam and Seal) (tongue in cheek espionage) $14.57 978-1682300442

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