Born in Nanaimo, B.C., Susan Ketchen holds a M.Sc. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and lives on a hobby farm on Vancouver Island.

Born That Way (Oolichan, 2009) introduces fourteen-year-old Sylvia, a girl with a passion for horses and an undiagnosed disease called Turner's Syndrome. In the sequel, Made That Way (Oolichan, 2011), Sylvia starts medical treatment. The trilogy is completed with Grows That Way (Oolichan 2012) in which Sylvia must accept she will need estrogen supplements to approach normalilty. "I have Turner's Syndrome and I will always be a shrimp," she narrates. Her great comfort remains her horse Brooklyn while she is haunted by imaginary encounters with a large, hairy creature in the woods.


Born That Way (Oolichan, 2009)
Made That Way (Oolichan, 2011) 978-0-88982-270-2 $12.95
Grows That Way (Oolichan, 2012) $12.95 978-0-88982-285-6
Rides That Way (Oolichan 2017) $15.95 978-0-88982-321-1

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