Outdoorsman and photographer John Kimantas works for the Nanaimo News Bulletin on Vancouver Island.


Kayaking the Wild Coast: Volume One, Vancouver Island's West Coast (Whitecap, 2005)

The Wild Coast Volume Two: Exploring BC's North and Central Coast by Kayak, Boat and Ferry (Whitecap, 2006).

BC Coastal Recreation, Kayaking and Small Boat Atlas. Volume 1, South BC Coast and East Vancouver Island. Volume 2, West Vancouver Island. (Whitecap 2007)

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BC Coastal Recreation Kayaking and Small Boat Atlas: British Columbia's South Coast and East Vancouver Island (Whitecap 2011) (New format) 978-1-77050-057-0 $29.95

The BC Coast Explorer and Marine Trail Guide - Volume 1: West Coast Vancouver Island North , Port Hardy to Bamfield (Sandhill/Kimantas, 2012) 978-0-9879851-0-1 $34.95

BC COAST EXPLORER AND MARINE TRAIL GUIDE II: Vol 2: South Vancouver Island, Bamfield to Comox Harbour (Wild Coast Publishing, 2015) $34.95 978-0-9879851-1-8

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