Businesses need to have an employee handbook that defines conduct, sets health and safety requirements, describes benefits and defines social media policies. These handbooks can provide protection to employers against claims of unfair treatment and discrimination. Kimberley King's The Small-Business Guide to Creating Your Employee Handbook (Self-Counsel, 2015) provides the information needed to write a document that clearly outlines company rules, regulations and policies. There are also guidelines for creating nondisclosure agreements so employees don't share company information with competitors. The book includes a CD that offers straightforward forms to help create an employee handbook.

King holds a Bachelor of Arts and is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). She began her more than decade-long career as an HR generalist with an investment management company before transitioning into HR management with two major Canadian retailers.


The Small Business Guide to Creating Your Employee Handbook (Self-Counsel Press, 2015) $14.95 9781770402010

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