Kim La Fave of Roberts Creek grew up in Richmond and studied art in Alberta and New York. He designed The Enterprising Mr. Moody for D&M in 1977 and illustrated his first book, The Mare's Egg, for Camden House in 1981. Since then he has become one of Canada's most in-demand illustrators and received the Governor-General's Award for illustration in 1988 for Amos's Sweater.

First published in 2004, A Very Unusual Dog (North Winds Press, Scholastic) was shortlisted for five awards. Aimed for ages 4-to 8 and written by Dorothy Joan Harris, it's the story of a boy with an invisible pooch for a pal. The boy decides to leave his imaginary friend at his Grandma's apartment so she can have some company.

La Fave briefly operated Nightwood Editions on the Sunshine Coast during the 1990s and has illustrated as many as six books per year. His work illustrates Judith Saltman's Goldie and the Sea, Janet Lunn's Duck Cakes For Sale, Jan Andrews' Pumpkin Time, Betty Waterton's A Bumblebee Sweater and Sharon, Lois & Bram Sing A to Z, Bruce McBay's Angels INC, to name only a few. Other titles include Big Ben and Ben Over Night, with Sarah Ellis, plus We'll All Go Exploring, We'll All Go Sailing, Andrew's Magnificent Mountain of Mittens and Emma's Emu.

His 'board books' written by Sheryl McFarlane include What's That Sound? In the City & What's That Sound? On the Farm, followed by What's That Sound? By the Sea (F&W $9.95) 1-55041-957-9 and What's That Sound? At the Circus (F&W $9.95) 1-55041-959-5.

Illustrated Fishing with Gubby (Harbour, 2010) Written by Gary Kent (see full entry). $19.95 978-1-55017-497-7

Illustrated Gubby Builds a Boat (Harbour, 2012) Written by Gary Kent (see full entry). $19.95 978-1-55017-591-2

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