Robert Lalonde was born in Oka (Qubec) in 1947. Actor and playwright, his novel Une belle pouvante, published in Qubec, won the Prix Robert Cliche in 1981 (translated as Sweet Madness by David Homel, Stoddart, 1982). In France, the editions du Seuil published Le dernier t des Indiens which won the Jean Mac prize in 1982. Among Robert Lalonde's other prestigious and successful novels are Le fou du pre Seuil, 1988), Le dernier t des Indiens (Seuil, 1982), L'Ogre de Grand Remous (Seuil, 1992; The Ogre of Grand Remous, translated by Leonard W. Sugden, Ekstasis Editions, 1997), Le diable en personne (The Devil Incarnate, translated by Leonard Sugden, Ekstasis, 1997), Sept lacs plus au nord (Seuil, 1993) and Le petit aigle la tte blanche (Seuil, 1994) which won the Governor General's Award for Fiction in French. Robert Lalonde has won numerous other prizes and distinctions, and is among the most important Quebcois novelists of his generation, enjoying an international reputation.

The original French version of Lalonde's 2016 novel, The Heart is What Dies Last, (C'est le coeur qui meurt en dernier), has been made into a major motion picture directed by Alexis Durand-Brault, starring Quebec screen legends Denise Filiatreault and her daughter Sophie Laurin, as Robert Lalonde's mother at various times in her life.


The Heart Is What Dies Last (Ekstasis 2016) $24.95 978-1-77171-150-0

The Ogre of Grand Remous

One Beautiful Day to Come

The Last Indian Summer

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Little Eagle with a White Head

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